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Over time I have become disillusioned with Java and the effort to produce an Open Source JVM and clean-room Java libraries.

Despite the massive popularity of Java and Microsoft technologies, there are many alternative high-level languages available to programmers today:

Python is very popular and a powerful tool for rapid development of small projects. Squeak Smalltalk is a versatile graphical development environment which also allows rapid prototyping. The best thing about Squeak is the ability to modify code and have the system updated immediately.

I also looked at slate, a modern incarnation of Smalltalk that has a more powerful dispatch system (allowing better organization of code) and uses prototyping instead of a class hierarchy.

I was drawn to Lisp after watching Rainier Joswig’s Slime demo and reading a couple of chapters of Practical Common Lisp.

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  1. i agree. we are beyond the world where everything has to be efficient. what’s with all this explicit compilation anyway!? actually, i find the mouse and keyboard quite irritating too, it would be nice to have an alternative that is as fast as thought.

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